Category: Workshop

  • High speed spindle design

    Bought this book by Harprit Sandhu, on Spindles. ISBN 1-85486-149-2 It’s focus is designing useful spindles for small lathes, with the mindset of keeping it simple, easy to make, and low in part numbers. It’s not bad in that aspect, and does cover the bases that I need to design and implement my own. I’m…

  • Lathe running vid

    I don’t think I’ve posted this, so I’m posting it now.

  • Installed a 1HP motor to the lathe

    Lathe upgrade, making a keyway.

  • Worms!

    I bought this [left] yesterday, and have been trying to figure out how to mount it to my lathe. So far it’s been a tricky situation. As I’ve got ot probably make a milling/spindle for my lathe, before I’m able to precisely drill and tap the gears and mount it to the back of the…