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I don’t know if it’s the holiday spirit or what.
When I spoke with both Apple and HP Customer support, I noticed a huge difference. Apple was kind of normal, nonchalant, didn’t care kinda voice but still no hint of disdain. While HP was very helpful, I would even say pleasant, and made me laugh. It was a fun conversation with the tech support woman on the other line.
HP has always been actually a pretty decent company, but more on that later in this post.
I decided that after my iPod died, I was going to buy another one, even though I only had it for a few months… maybe it’s just cause I love the damn thing so much, or that I have no audio CDs, and I’m tired of hearing ‘Nickleback – photographs’ on the radio being played on 3 of my presets, in succession… gah, I know it’s a good song, but you can only take hearing a song soo many times in a day. Reminds me of that Celine Dion titanic song… “Celine Dion – my heart will go on”… that I think at the time would have been 5 preset radio stations.
Went into the apple store, picked up a 30gig 5th gen… asked about a skin/cover… no skins. So I just put it back down. I remember what happened to my iPod without one… a TON of scratches with just normal use. That plastic on the iPod just sucks…
Back to the tale…
I called apple, apple said they don’t support HP iPods… [I can understand why… but common, it’s your logo on the back of the damn thing too, you can’t help with trouble shooting??]. They did give me the HP tech support number, so I called that.
I talked to the lady, and we discussed for like 5 minutes how the serial number on the back of the iPod is not in the database. And she was super nice, to open a ticket for me… after some troubleshooting and joking around about the iPod sad icon/glyph, and the not so funny sound that my ipod was making. “high pitched whine, and then click, click, and cycles/restarts”
Dead iPod… ๐Ÿ™
But HP is going to replace it for me. sweet. i’m happy about that.
In the past, HP tech support was awesome as well… maybe not the quality of the product itself, but the support was grand. I had an HP CD writer (4x2x8x), and it died just a month after the warrantee expired. I called up HP to see if there was any trouble shooting I could do with it, they did the trouble shooting and it was determined it was dead.
Sent the writer in, and whammo I got a new on in the mail.
Unfortunately it was a DOA unit.
Exchanged it again.
This time a good unit, but died like within 90 days.
Exchanged again.
This time I didn’t even take it out of the packaging, and let it go to someone I knew. They were more than happy to have a new burner that was 4x… This is back in summer of 1997…
Anyways, so I stayed away from HP for a while, after the quality issue was in my standards, sub par. Though the customer service was great.
I think I’m just randomly blogging right now… but hey… oh well. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s my blog, not yours. Want to complain, start your own. I have hosting for you at $132USD/yr. ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe







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