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  • Inbox zero, years later…

    It’s been over three years now, and inbox zero is still happening. I’m throwing everything into an archive folder, for each year’s quarter seems to be working well. Does it give me more productivity? In a single word, yes.

  • How to sync google calendar and motorola razr v3c

    How to synchronize the google calendar and motorola razr v3c Make sure the drivers for your motorola razr v3c are installed properly. Install bitpim and make sure it detects your phone. Get the latest version, I’m using at the moment version BitPim version Within bitpim, file -> import -> google calendar Click “Browse …”…

  • Parody At Its Best

    Mac commercials annoy, but this parody of the mac commercials is just hysterical

  • BBC NEWS | Politics | UK holds Microsoft security talks

    BBC NEWS | Politics | UK holds Microsoft security talks So this is where big brother – George Orwell’s 1984 comes true.  Im not sure if I should be scared or what.  But this is a great push towards a open source alternatives.  How soon would a cracker reverse engineer this backdoor and allow access…

  • Wrong Numbers and Stock Tips on your answering machine

    “Wrong Numbers” and Stock Tips on Your Answering Machine Hmm, wow, Scammers are sure getting creative.

  • Customer Support, better business

    I don’t know if it’s the holiday spirit or what. When I spoke with both Apple and HP Customer support, I noticed a huge difference. Apple was kind of normal, nonchalant, didn’t care kinda voice but still no hint of disdain. While HP was very helpful, I would even say pleasant, and made me laugh.…

  • Partnership considerations

    Partnerships, and aspects to think of, that aren’t obvious.