BBC NEWS | Politics | UK holds Microsoft security talks

BBC NEWS | Politics | UK holds Microsoft security talks
So this is where big brother – George Orwell’s 1984 comes true.  Im not sure if I should be scared or what.  But this is a great push towards a open source alternatives.  How soon would a cracker reverse engineer this backdoor and allow access to all your sensitive information?
The idea is great on paper at first.  When you realize the potential damages that can occur afterwards, it’s a pain.
The current methods of obtaining sensitive information does not tread on anyone’s rights.  Well, that’s worded poorly.  I mean it’s not trampling on anyone’s right.  It may step on them, but not trample.
With that said, how much fun will it be when you have a 10 year old script kiddie, reading your sensitive documents?  There are just some things you would rather have private.
Backdoors are a bad idea.  It’s a gapping security hole, that one would never have.  The potential damages that this may cause, should not outweights the public interests.



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