Fast rsync in the year 2020

TL;DR; rsync -aHAXxv –numeric-ids –delete –info=progress2 -e “ssh -T -c -o Compression=no -x” <source> <target> options: a – archiveH – preserve hard-linksA – preserve ACLSX – preserve extend attributesx – don’t cross filesystem boundariesv – verbose–numeric-ids – don’t map […]

Autel maxitpms pad on a mac? Yes, and no.

Can you run Autel MaxiTPMS Pad on a mac? Directly, no. Through virtual box, yes. Install virtualbox and Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack, both from: Download the windows 10 trial image/iso/dmdk/ovf, which is free, from Microsoft. linke: After you’ve unzipped […]