Details: $20 first hour 100 paintballs safety equip gun +$5 upgrade to a better barrel. +$5 for each additional hour. +$15 for 100 additional paintballs (or bring your own from like Crappy Tire.) Interested people: Ken T, Amanda Y, Matt […]

bluemountain trip #2

Fear and adrenaline are hand in hand. I guess when adrenaline rushes through you veins, you feel alive. Even if you get injured, you’re able to recover, walk it off, and continue. Case in point, my half pipe incident. The […]

Art of the flamer

I’ve been using the internet since my grade 10 year… after purchasing an account from many years ago. “Internet Online” was the company name. I’ve always seem flamers/trolls just general jackasses that most are accustomed to. These people would […]