IPv6 DNS Setup

I recently swapped servers, as my old one was running Ubuntu 14.04, I decided to just swap out the server completely to Ubuntu 20.04, port the data… hence the recent rsync post. The process was simple: create new server setup […]

Fast rsync in the year 2020

TL;DR; rsync -aHAXxv –numeric-ids –delete –info=progress2 -e “ssh -T -c aes128-gcm@openssh.com -o Compression=no -x” <source> <target> options: a – archiveH – preserve hard-linksA – preserve ACLSX – preserve extend attributesx – don’t cross filesystem boundariesv – verbose–numeric-ids – don’t map […]

BTSync on AWS EC2

Objective: Allow Ubuntu to start BTSync on reboot.   Server create an EC2 instance, with appropriate storage space. Ubuntu LTS 64bit (currently 14.04) download the BTSync client http://www.bittorrent.com/sync The 64bit linux version. dump the btsync.conf ./btsync –dump-sample-config > btsync.conf edit the btsyn.conf […]